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Every week for a GGP watch along show I put together an AMV preshow. This week we have:

Do you remember love?
Cybersix - Going Under
Various Magic Girl shows - Running up That Hill
Harry Ord fan amv

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"If you can see a thing whole," he said, "it seems that it's always beautiful. Planets, lives...But close up, a world's all dirt and rocks. And day to day, life's a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. You need distance, interval. The way to see how beautiful the earth is, is to see it as the moon. The way to see how beautiful life is, is from the vantage point of death."

Le Guin, _The Dispossessed_

Getting some op-amps in today for a mixer project I have been thinking about. It is amazing to me that a CS degree does not even give you the basics of EE. Also if someone has book on basic electronics design I'm all ears. Like a 100 level text book or something.

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Statement on “Join The Fedi” is a website owned by known “gender critical” activist Alex Gleason. The domain name and SEO is clearly designed to appeal to individuals curious about the fediverse, and potentially take traffic from Unfortunately, Gleason does not have the best intentions when it comes to helping the fediverse grow. Gleason formerly contributed to other fediverse projects, before being removed from doing so due both his behavior and poor code quality. This is a problematic individual, recommending problematic services.

Join The Fedi has an explicitly right-wing agenda and seems to only promote instances which either a) run the “Soapbox” front-end software created by Gleason himself or b) advertise themselves as “free speech” instances. As of right now, the site actively recommends the following instances:

In other words, Gleason is using the site to promote his own agenda rather than simply gain more users into the fediverse. This is not a site that should be recommended to new users. I would recommend using instead!

Thank you!

Updated the good HomeAssistant this morning. Do I know what the changes are? No. Did the number go up? You bet it did.

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A new 🌱 Green Hack 🌿 is published! Please enjoy 'Optimising images for web' by Rekka Bellum ->

🌿 @rek for The Photographers' Gallery's Digital Programme. Since COP26 we've invited photographers and artists to share hacks to lower the environmental impact of their practice.

More Green Hacks here: 🌿

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World Ending Game includes an overarching conversational ruleset, and then 20 small games which compound into a session of play.

Every one of these games has an original illustration, each from a different artist, and a page layout (by Andy Pressman) to respond to that artwork. And when I tell you that this artist list is INCREDIBLE-

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I am so excited to announce my next game!

World Ending Game is a tabletop game written to serve as the last session of a campaign in any system.

Borrowing from conventions of cinema, World Ending Game tells falling action stories. It explores what comes right after the climactic event in your story- and what you need to see to believe that it's all, finally, over.

World Ending Game is about closure, grief, joy, relief, and getting to say a proper goodbye.

Preorder at

I finished replacing the fans in a SRX1400 ahead of getting 10 gig fiber.

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Dear #FreeSoftware folks, how do you sync your #podcast listening queue between a mobile and a desktop, for example? If that's something you do, of course.

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Open call for obsolete sounds! This project is really fascinating. They're requesting recordings of sounds from our environment, old tech, etc. that are no longer commonplace and then those will be reimagined by sound artists "to draw attention to the world’s disappearing soundscapes."

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Videogrep 2.0 is out!

Here's a tutorial about how you can use it to automatically make supercuts on the command line:

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Now available! :mastodon:

My in-depth comparative review of eight Mastodon apps for iPhone

Please boost (or share on Twitter) 🙏

I have started keeping notes in a small personal wiki using So much more freeing then other forms of note taking for me. I'm mainly using it for recipes and project notes. I hope to move my book marks over later today.

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I documented some of my recent experiments in reverse-engineering the Print Gocco, a Japanese DIY printmaking tool from the 1970s. You can read about it here: #theWorkshop

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Asking for a comrade: is there some way to underclock a raspberry pi 4B, inside a raspad? It is drawing 33Wh, and lasts only around 3 hours on battery.

We want to push this power/energy consumption down.

Much thanks in advance.

Went to the beach to day. It was a little too windy but was great.

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My secret projects is complete enough to share! I present Feather Wiki, a tiny, self-contained #wiki app that exports into a single HTML file:

Think TiddlyWiki but as small as possible!

#announcement #FeatherWiki

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